Fareed Zein El Abdin, IT Planning Manager, Royal Dutch Shell Plc Fareed Zein is a global Information Technology manager for Royal Dutch Shell Group based in Houston, Texas USA with over 26 years experience in Information Technology for the Oil & Gas industry. Fareed also served on several non-profit projects in Sudan and South Sudan. He has been a speaker and leader in sharing industry trends and best practices across several business and non-profit communities. Fareed obtained his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at El Paso. Fareed was born in El Obeid, Sudan.

Elsadig Abdelmotal Elseesi was born in 1966 in Khartoum, Sudan. He attended Comboni College Khartoum, and Khartoum Tutorial College before sitting for University of London’s GCE Exams in 1985. In 1988 Elsadig came to the U.S. to become a pilot, and earned his PPL from Quali-flight Pilot Training Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Elsadig was hired as a Pizza delivery driver by Domino’s Pizza in Irving, Texas on August, 16th 1990. In 1995 he became a General Manager, and by 1998 was managing the system’s highest volume residential store. In 2001 he was honored with the prestigious National Manager of the Year Award, the highest honor awarded to a store manager. In 2006 Elsadig franchised two struggling Houston locations. Since then he grew his company by adding several locations to his company’s portfolio, employing over 220 employees. In 2012 he served as a board member on The Franchise Leadership Council for Domino’s Pizza. His General Managers have been recognized by Domino’s Pizza several times with Sales, Profits, and Operational Excellence Awards. In 2013, Domino’s Pizza in a celebration in London, awarded Elsadig with the Distinguished Achievement Award of the International Franchise Association, for his company’s achievements in 2012. Elsadig has been an active community supporter in the Houston area and a source of inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs in the community.

Dr. Nada Abdellatif Fadul is currently an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Division of Infectious Diseases at East Carolina University-Brody School of Medicine. She is the director and principal investigator of the Ryan White Grant Program and the Medical Director of the Infectious Disease Clinic. She was born and raised in Wad-Medani, Sudan and immigrated to the US in 1997. She completed her medical degree from the University of Khartoum-Faculty of Medicine in Sudan in 2000 and subsequently completed an Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Illinois; a Palliative Care fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center where she served as a faculty for five years; and an Infectious Diseases fellowship at the University of Texas-Houston. In addition to her academic role, she has been active in several civil roles including board membership at SAPAA, and at the local level in Eastern North Carolina as a youth counselor and Shura committee member. She has received several awards for her academic and advocacy work and she has helped mentor young Sudanese medical professionals on how to access the American health care system. She is married to Saif Abayazid and is a proud mother of two beautiful children, Sireen and Yazeed.

Dr. Ahmed Elsayem is a provider in the MD Anderson Emergency Center and a Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine. He is double board-certified in Internal Medicine and Hospice/Palliative Care and joined MD Anderson in 2000. He also has a dual appointment in the Department of Palliative and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Saif Abayazid is currently a Business Technology Analyst at East Carolina University (ECU). He is the principal and focal point for developing and maintaining software for the Enhanced Health Management Information System (EHMIS). The Project will improve patient health outcome, improve government fund operation and management and will enable ECU share information with the State and regional stakeholders. He was born and raised in Argo, Sudan and immigrated to the US in 1993. He is fluent in traditional Nubian languages (Mahasy and Dongolawy). He completed his Bachelor degree from the University of Gazira-Faculty of Economics and Rural Development in Sudan in 1988 and subsequently worked for the Department of Economic Planning in Sudan. Upon his arrival to US in 1993, he completed intensive training in Database Development and Administration and a Master Degree in Information Technology from the American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, Georgia. He worked in different locations around the US as a Programmer Analyst at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Research Programmer at MD-Anderson Houston, TX. He is heavily involved in civil activities: during College he was a member of the Student Government for two executive terms, President of the Sudanese American Community in Houston TX, and Cofounder and board member of SAPAA. He is married to Nada Fadul and is a proud father of two beautiful children, Sireen and Yazeed.

Badreldin Ahmed is currently Quality Engineering Manager with Pentair Valves and Controls, a leading equipment supplier to the Oil and Gas Industry. He started his career as Quality Control Inspector with Eaton Corporation in Ann Arbor, MI before advancing to hold different engineering and management positions. Badreldin is Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence by the American Society of Quality (ASQ). He holds a master's degree in Engineering Management and a graduate diploma in Quality Assurance Engineering from Eastern Michigan University; he originally earned his bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering from University of Khartoum. Interests: career development, leadership.

Majed Khalifa is an experienced professional with a proven background in diverse healthcare services and settings. He holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Aden in Yemen; practiced as a Medical and Obstetrics/Gynecology Doctor and Surgeon; and was a Staff Physician at Aden Maternity Hospital in Yemen. In the United States, he has held multiple positions ranging from Medical Advisor for the Embassy of the State of Kuwait to International Services Specialist at the legendary Johns Hopkins Medicine in Maryland. Majed received his Surgical Assistant training at The Methodist Hospital in Houston where he completed a surgical preceptorship. Majed now works with Key as a Licensed Surgical Assistant. In addition to help establishing the only surgical assistant school in Texas, he played a major role in writing and developing the curriculum for the school. In addition to his positions as board member in two different non-profit organizations, at Key Access Institute, Majed serves as a board member, school director, surgical coordinator, instructor and trainer. Majed also developed one of a kind suturing seminar that attracts students and healthcare professionals from all over the country. In practice, he focuses on general, orthopedic, plastic, and spine surgeries.

Wafa Saeed is an exemplary strong community leader, advocate, and entrepreneur. She was born in Kosti, Sudan and immigrated to the US in 1995 at 6 years old. She began her college career at the University of Colorado, Denver where she is finishing up her Masters in Biochemistry alongside her 3 undergraduate degrees in Biochemistry, Psychology, and Communications. She began her event coordinating company - Weddings by Wafa - coordinating weddings, corporate and community events. The success of her business has allowed her to be working alongside multiple non-profit organizations and the City of Denver, where she has planned and executed numerous events in reflection to Islam, and the Sudanese culture. She contrived yearly graduation picnics for the Sudanese youth, Ramadan Iftars for the community, held an event to highlight hijab in America, as well as helped orchestrate the Sudanese Worldwide movement to bring awareness to issues in Sudan, inspire young people, and raise donations for the increase in prices for essential medicines and medical products. In addition to her community involvement, Wafa is also a mentor for high school girls across Colorado as well as a mentor for the Alsudaniya Mentorship Program assisting girls in Sudan. Her passion in helping people is visibly displayed in her advocacy and community involvement.

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Samar Elatta is a lean business agility enterprise coach and trainer who is focused on translating transformation strategy into reality. Helping executives through organizational change and especially transformational change is hard, it requires positive energy, strategic thinking, long-term and short-term planning. But above all the ability to work with people day to day to make things happen and deliver value. This is Samar’s passion to help organizations using agile and lean principles to transform teams to high performance. Her background includes director of project management office, software engineer, and business analysis. Samar joined Sapaa to help young Sudanese Americans with the identity crisis so many face when they come to the USA, she came to the USA at 11 yrs. old and could relate as she faced her own struggle. She hopes to be a sister and mentor to help Sudanese Americans achieve their American dreams and overcome all obstacles. Professional Mentoring Focus: Management, Information Technology Field, focused on Agile Project Management, and Lean Product Development. Personal Coaching: Personal growth and development focused on growing up Sudanese American: Relationships, Pressure of Marriage (are you really ready?), Recovering after a Divorce, Being Popular in High School and College – is it worth it? Are there other ways?

Apart from serving as one of the Board Members at SAPAA, Mahmoud has over 5 years of experience in the Higher Education field. In his current role, he serves as a Financial Aid Specialist for Kirkwood Community College where he is responsible for advising and assisting Arabic speaking students and those from Africa with their Federal Financial Aid files as well as general college admission. Mahmoud is an interpreter for Sudanese and Arabic speaking students at the college. He previously served as a Registrar Advisor for Ashford University. In the past he had always been active in community organization as well as working with Sudanese nonprofit organizations locally in Iowa and nationally around the US. Education: Originally from the town of Rufaa in Sudan, Mahmoud grew up in Iowa City, Iowa and has attended the University of Iowa where he graduated with a B.A.in Political Science and a B.Sc. in Economics in May of 2011. Currently he is working on completing his Master’s in Business Administration and a certificate in Human Rights Advocacy. Interests and Hobbies: Mahmoud’s favorite hobbies include: soccer, golfing, and traveling with family and friends which he does on a regular basis. He also has a huge passion for politics, social issues, and human rights advocacy, mainly as it relates to his homeland of Sudan. Outside of work, he can always be seen hanging out with friends and family and playing sports.
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